Since 1971, Tabarelli Vivai (previously Tabarelli Mario) has been committed to producing certified planting materials for modern and competitive fruit growing. Our company is located in the Po Valley, initially in Nave San Rocco, in the province of Trento. We have also recently opened a new location in Masi, in the province of Padua. We devote the highest degree of attention to a variety of innovative solutions and to nursery plant growing, in order to ensure the greatest profitability. We are therefore committed to growing a variety of healthy plants, all the while making sure they conform to the highest quality standards.

Another, and no less important, commitment of ours is the production of a variety of high-quality apple and pear rootstocks. Here too, we pay careful attention to the health, rooting and calibration of our products. We are also very interested in organic fruit production. Apples and pears are stored at our company before being processed and marketed.

Tabarelli Vivai proposes different varieties of plants in order to always remain innovative and provide a professional and efficient service. The selection of the plants is based on the number of branches of the plants (from 3 to 5 branches, from 5 to 7, from 7 to 9, 9 or more) : some of them are ready to produce a harvest in their first years . The minimum branch length is 20 to 30 cm, depending on the variety. Its insertion in the central stem is accomplished at a wide angle and with appropriate techniques used in nurseries.

In our nursery, we produce both knipbooms and maiden trees. Maiden trees are plants that are developed from the graft made in August of the previous year, which is 20 cm from the base of the plant. The first branches rise at 65 cm high. Knipbooms are grafted in August after the first year of the installation and then put in the nursery again after a first development. In the next year, the branches are cut on 60 cm from the base so that they can start producing fruits for the new harvest.


The Po Valley, in Northern Italy, is considered to be the heart of the agricultural production in the country. It encompasses, among others, the Trentino-Alto Adige region, in which the head office of the Tabarelli Vivai company is located, in the town of Nave San Rocco, about 11km north of Trento.

Representing nearly 80% of the domestic apple production, the valley is one of the most fertile in the country, mainly thanks to the Po river and its tributaries, as well as its climate (cold winters and mediterranean summers).


Tabarelli Vivai’s products are guaranteed and certified by the Trento Observatory for plant health.